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For the Kids!


Check out the calendar for upcoming summer field trips, activities, outings and fun, fun, fun!! (Some trips are subject to the day's attendance.) Chaperones are always welcome!! The more the merrier! Just let Fran know which ones you like to attend! ALSO...if you have any other ideas for outings, please let Fran know that too! We are always open to any suggestions that you may have!

We will be taking a trip to the library once a week throughout the summer, so if your child wants to join the library's summer reading plan, they will get double the incentives! Little Discoveries rewards the children for their reading efforts!

...Stay tuned for even more upcoming project pages to print and complete. There will be something for all ages! But for now, check these out...!

Ages Pre-K and up: 

Need practice with handwriting skills? Click on the link below to print the handwriting worksheet we use in preschool.



Please keep in mind that while I suggest visiting the following websites, Little Discoveries Childcare/Preschool has no direct connection with the website hosts or any of their properties or sponsors. These websites are viewed by Fran as useful tools for enhancing our children's learning and cognitive skills, as well as informational tools for the parents.

Pre-K through school-age:

Here is link to a site that hosts various brain teasers and games that enhance learing skills for everyone Pre-K through school-age! There is alphabet games, discrimination games, sequencing and games that focus on enhancing reading, language and listening skills. Check it out! This will be a site I am sure you will frequent! There's even games focusing on sound discrimination! It's really neat! Just go to and fun!!

For school-age children and adults too: 

Word games, mazes, information and more! This site has many games that are fun and educational! There are various levels and skills that are focused on at this website. There are also brain teasers, word games, ad libs, hangman, board games and puzzles that you and your school age child can enjoy doing together or alone online. Just visit and have some more fun!!

For all ages, including you parents:

This site has loads and loads of learning tools, educational links, tips for parents and games for enhancing learning skills and test prep. There is information, games, links, technology tutorials (like for Excel, PowerPoint, Photo Editor, Word, Movie Maker and more) and so much more to list here. This site has something for everyone! No kidding! Check it out! It's one of my favorite! I'm sure you'll like it too!



This site has useful material talking about how our children's brain functions and different questions you may have relating to brain development. These are lots of useful resources, articles and news relating to topics such as ADD, ADHD, neurological disorders and autism. Very informational!



Innocent Don't forget to order from our Scholastic Book Club! Every order not only benefits your child, but the facility as well with free merchandise and books! 


Weather permitting, we will be spending a lot of time outdoors! Your child may get a little messy. We will be playing with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, sand, paint and whatever else sparks our imagination for outdoors!

 Please have children dressed appropriately, including shoes or sandals everyday. If you'd like, you can always leave a spare pair of clothes and shoes here for the season.