Little Discoveries Childcare/Preschool
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Who We Are and What We Do!


Hi! My name is Fran. I am the founder/owner of Little Discoveries Childcare / Preschool. I opened my doors for daycare in 1995. I'd like to tell you a little about myself...

Prior to opening my daycare doors, I worked with people in other areas. Since the age of 16 years, I worked with special needs children and adults through a recreation association supervising daycamps and assisting in special events. I also worked as a CNA (certified nurse's assistant) at two different nursing homes, as well as, in home health care. I did this for about five years.

I am proud of my relationships with the families of my daycare, the residents of the nursing homes I worked in, and with my home health clients. I make it a point to stay in touch with as many clients, past and present, as I can!

At Little Discoveries Childcare, your family is my family!



"I like doing projects at Fran's house." Brandon, age 5

"I like playing with the water outside, helping in the kitchen, and it's a very friendly place!" Sara, age 9

"I like going to Fran's just because!  I have fun there." Zachary, age 2 1/2


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